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Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Mobile App for Drivers

Mobile App for Drivers

Billing & Reporting

Billing & Reporting

delivery management system on multiple devices
Keep It Simple!

Plan, Track, And Report In A Single Solution

Solocate simplifies end-to-end management of dispatching, route optimization, order management, vehicle fleet management, billing, reporting, and analytics.

This empowers businesses, drivers, and customers to collaboratively carry out delivery activities.

Key Features

Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

  • Order Import

  • Address Validation

  • Easy Delivery Order Creation

  • Current Route and Delivery Status

  • Rule-based Configuration of Events and Alerts

  • Real-time Exceptions Alerts

  • Multilingual Versions

  • Google Maps Integration

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

  • Intelligent Algorithm-Driven Route Optimization

  • Optimized Routing based on Delivery Schedules

  • Delivery Order Auto-assignment

  • Driver Route Auto-assignment

  • Manual and Auto Route Creation

  • Real-time Route & Progress Visualization

  • Drag-and-Drop Job Sequencing

  • Fleet Capacity Planning

  • Driver and Route Performance Monitoring

  • Fleet Management

Mobile App for Drivers

Mobile App for Drivers

  • Job Detail Display

  • Route, Road Condition, and Navigation Display

  • Real-time Status

  • Delivery Job Management

  • Customer & Dispatch Communication

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Upload of Images and Comments to Orders

  • Proof of Delivery (POD)

Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

  • Key Metrics Monitoring

  • Driver, Delivery, and Route Performance Analysis

  • Invoice Auto-generation

Key Benefits

Data-Driven Decision-Making Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Built-in KPI analytics, custom reporting, and performance monitoring enable informed tracking, assessment and adjustment to your operations and impact to your bottom line.

Optimized Resources Optimized Resources

Optimized Resources

Precise coordination based on proprietary algorithms and real-time updates generate the most efficient way to get the job done right, every time.

Connectivity through Collaboration Connectivity through Collaboration

Connectivity through Collaboration

The full mobility and visibility platform allows business, customers, and drivers to effectively communicate and ensure that nothing is lost in the complexities of day-to-day activities. Integration with 3rd party solutions provides collaboration across multiple systems.

Intuitive and User Friendly Intuitive and User Friendly

Intuitive and User Friendly

User-friendly visualizations of dashboards, reporting, and routes paired with multilingual options enhance the user experience and higher customer satisfaction. No more spreadsheets or frantic calls - now all information is in one system.

The Expert Option The Expert Option

The Expert Option

Solocate is built and backed by over 20 years of global supply chain and transportation technology expertise. Seldat has been named one of the Top 100 3PL Providers, guaranteeing that you are working with a true partner in the industry.

Learn More About Solocate

End-to-End Solution to Optimize Delivery Operations.

End-to-End Solution to Optimize Delivery Operations.

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Solocate Workshop

Solocate Workshop

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Solution Packages

Choose the plan that works best for your business. There are no hidden fees, and our plans come with unlimited phone support, so you can be sure that you’ll have access to any assistance that you need.


Get Started


Get Started


Get Started
Import data
Create job by customer
Create new route
Add order to existing route
Create route from map
Create route from route lists
Create route from list orders
Recurring Route
Drag & drop to change sequence of orders
Escalation rules
GPS tracking
Fleet management
Fuel logs
Service reminder
Service history
Trailer management
Driver management
Export data (Excel)
Driver app (iOS/Android)
Change sequence of orders
POD: signature, image of load
Scan barcode
Multiple leges
User type
Customer user register
Customized admin role
Regional Manager (driver's coordinator)
Charge code

Why Choose Solocate for Delivery Management?



Solocate is a solution designed by logistics professionals who are in the delivery and transportation management space. Therefore, we truly do understand Supply Chain and Logistics. We leverage this knowledge to ensure that we are able to offer a solution that addresses the real issues that afflict your business needs today and those that the future may hold.



Solocate's Cloud technology allows you to view, analyze, report and maintain data according to your specifications in real-time from anywhere at anytime. We assure 98.9% uptime thus ensuring you never stop receiving and you never stop shipping.



No delivery operation is truly the same, this is why Solocate's architecture allows you to configure, customize and personalize the interfaces to suing your business requirements and workflows.



All aspects of Solocate can be fully integrated with 3rd party applications. Everything needed to gain greater control over your services can now be controlled within a single environment.



With Solocate, the entire solution, including all existing and future functionality are yours at no additional cost. there is no need to pay for additional fees for new features, now or ever. Solocate is a complete solution covering every aspect of Delivery Management including orders, routing, alerts, escalation, GPS tracking, fleet management, reports, dashboard, driver app and invoicing.



Solocate streamlines your business and delivery processes; simplifies tasks, provides relevant data on demand and increases overall productivity. This positively impacts your bottom line, providing real ROI.

"Seldat Technology Services listened to our needs and provided us with the best user interface and the best product features in Solocate. They gave us everything we asked for and more, including training, implementation expertise and they even consulted with us on best practices for our workflows and use cases. The bottom line – Seldat is our go-to partner for future growth and success."

Motti Scharwatz, CEO of Direct Mail

Case Studies

What’s my investment in Solocate?

As an all-in-one software for order, dispatch, fleet, route, and delivery management, this cloud-based solution comes in different packages for different needs. In all cases, the platform provides complete accuracy with real-time route optimization and end-to-end delivery tracking. Using Solocate results in leaner operations, smoother customer experiences, and smarter decision making.

Seldat Technology Services provides solutions that work for you, and we want to make sure Solocate works according to your workflows, not the other way around. We customize features and analytics to best work for you and your drivers.

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